Mon. 1:15- 2:00 Pre-Ballet, 3-4 Yrs. - Academic Year 2023-'24


Ballet positions and steps are practiced as dancers explore different movement qualities and fine-tune their motor skills.  

Musicality is supported by live piano accompaniment, while each class is imaginatively taught by our skilled instructors using our unique curriculum.

Dancers are encouraged to use ballet to express their creative ideas and perform for each other in class. Props, music and story-telling make this class fun for young dancers, while steps and routines are learned at the barre.

For Sibling or Multiple Class Discount, or Tuition made in two payments, please call for details at 203-625-0930.

We Pro-rate tuition. Please call 203-625-0930 to register.


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3-4 Yrs.
Academic Year 2023/24