Wed. 3:15- 3:45 Pre-Jazz/Hip Hop, 4-5 yrs. - Academic Year 2023-'24


In this high energy class, dancers will explore the beginnings of Jazz and Hip-Hop style movement, as well as gaining an awareness of muscle memory.

Dancers will be encouraged to express themselves while learning an age-appropriate dance foundation and vocabulary in a fun environment.

This fast paced style of dance the is based on music video styles.  Jazz/Hip Hop classes incorporate a center warm-up, movement across the floor and end with a dance combination.

For Sibling or Multiple Class Discount, or Tuition made in two payments, please call for details at 203-625-0930.

We Pro-rate tuition. Please call 203-625-0930 to register.

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4-5 Yrs.
Pre-Jazz/Hip Hop
Academic Year 2023/24